Thursday 2 March 2017

Lydia starts nursery!

My baby (for a few weeks longer) started nursery today! I might have been more emotional if pregnancy hadn't caught up with me this week and I am more than ready for a bit of a chance for a sit down and a rest before baby comes! She will be going twice a week and both she and Miriam are very excited about going to the same nursery (although Lydia in the baby room and Miriam in the big room).

Lydia was very excited. Who is starting nursery today?


Lydia was adamant that because she was a big girl she would walk to nursery! (actually she wanted to go on "my scooter" and it was quite hard to persuade her she doesn't have a scooter!)

Going to nursery, Peppa in hand.

Today was just her "settling in" session so I had to stay in the building (although not with her) and she only did an hour. She's ready to go for a proper play on Monday :-) This didn't stop the fact that she has been exhausted since she came back! Nursery is hard work

The teddy she is cuddling is the one she had *wanted* to take to nursery before I negotiated her down to something more appropriately sized!

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