Thursday 20 September 2018


Well, in a true measure of how far behind we are - here are the Easter holidays!  A visit to both sets of Grandparents and a lot of cousins all in one go. Great stuff.

(for some reason we have no photos of the visit to Granny's house. Maybe too much Easter activity going on..)
We went on a very cold visit to Peterhead Prison Museum.
It might seem odd for a day out but it was very interesting.
The real prison is a bit larger than this Lego representation.
Naomi escaping one of the cells

Some slightly creepy statues give the place a proper atmosphere.

Miriam was impressed by the size of the soup pots.

Too cool to sit with the grown ups.

Next up, some soft play action. Esther likes the ball pit.

Large garden + children = fun. 
Obligatory egg rolling.

A wee bowling trip too. Grandad was still in fine form!
We're really glad to have had a good time all together.

That really is on course for a strike!

I like building big bridges out of Lego.
With some help we made it from sofa to coffee table!

Also a day at Aden.

Most of the cousins together.

Towards the end of the trip my Mum fell and broke her foot. Needless to say this didn't stop her usual red-hot pace of work ethic, it just meant adjustments. Like a lower ironing board.

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