Saturday 22 December 2018


More talking: Lydia has more or less grown up enough that she has a vocabulary full of real words now, so I thought it'd be good to remember her various nearly-words that she used quite successfully...

Podgidge - porridge
Jodge - George (Peppa Pig's brother)
Jedroom - bedroom
Mim mim - Miriam
Blanas - bananas
Plablet - tablet
Lick stick - lipstick
Ear gloves - earmuffs
Mieeeelk - milk
applejack - flapjack
cinnamon - Simeon (her cousin)
Pressy thing / smoowf - her Smurf toy
popcorn - acorn

still in use:
activity - Nativity
Old McDonald's - her name for a popular fast food chain.

Not really a word, but she also liked to insert a Shatner-style pause into sentences. Particularly "Hello.... personname"

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