Saturday 22 December 2018

The final COW-down

I had another trip to London - the big project that originally funded my move to Stirling (DAASE) is coming to an end - so we had a meeting and workshop to talk about all the things that had been achieved. Probably the most impressive (not a part that I was involved with though!) is that Facebook bought up several of the team, and are now using project research (to do with automatic bug fixing) in their mobile app, which apparently has 2 billion users. My rather more modest contributions did get a mention though, there is some nice stuff to do with speeding up software and increasing its energy efficiency. Happy  somewhat related news is that I just got my own grant (about £10k) to do some more work on this topic.

Anyway, a wee trip to London in early December...

I've had much worse views from my hotel window. I was staying at The President Hotel, not far from Euston station.

The girls always ask me what I'm eating when I'm away so I have various food pictures. I particularly liked the tower of toast though.

The famous Crest Open Workshop COW.

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