Saturday 22 December 2018

Growing up

Esther has very much been growing the past few months. Aside from now very much having her own personality (and being very clear about her opinion on nearly everything) she's also feeling her way around talking and is developing recognisable sounds for most things she's likely to want. She loves to play with her big sisters and is all too willing to copy what they are up to!

We are currently trying to convince her that sleeping through the night without any milky snack is a positive life-choice. It's working to an extent but is proving to be rather energy-sapping.

During her first year we had these cards to mark milestones. Here are a couple a haven't shared yet.

She has found a ripe source of snacks under her high chair.


One morning Esther was having a bit of a play to herself upstairs as everyone was trying to wake up enough to go downstairs. For some reason she hid the toothbrushes here - it took us until the following day to find them!

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