Saturday 14 December 2019

Wallace Monument

Despite being here more than 6 years, I've not been up the Wallace Monument (it's quite expensive usually!), but a couple of weeks ago they were doing a free admissions day, and Miriam was due a treat, so the two of us went up to take a look. Miriam was very good on the narrow and very busy stairs. We went straight to the top for a look, and after a couple of minutes Miriam was done with "the view" so we went to the lower levels where there are now a few child-friendly activities. A bit different to usual and she had a great time - so much so that Naomi asked to go to Stirling Castle for her treat the following week - and Miriam now wants to go to the Castle too!

Our house will be just about visible in the distance to the left here.

One of the activities was to design a shield on a table, that then got projected onto this life-size one.

Miriam wanted a photo next to the floodlights!

We had a quick stop in the giftshop on the way out and Miriam got a very brightly coloured lollipop!

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