Monday 9 December 2019

Jay away

Jay was away with her friend Helen a couple of weeks ago, so it was just the four girls and Daddy for the weekend. Mostly we stayed at the house - we went on a bit of a trip to take Naomi for her cello lesson and we went to church - but otherwise we just had a lot of fun indoors. Lego building, watching films, that kind of thing. Miriam and Lydia wrote most of their thankyou letters for their birthday presents. I also introduced Naomi to a computer game that Jay and I have been playing - Two Point Hospital - which is about building a hospital where the illnesses are all crazy things (like light-headedness - where the patient has a lightbulb for a head that needs an unscrewing machine to cure it). We also had some spring onion soup for lunch, almost completely made of spring onions from our garden!

Thank you letter production line

There might only be five of us but dinner still needed a lot of sausages...

Home grown spring onions

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