Monday 11 April 2011

Girls Together!

When I was a kid, if my Dad ever had to go away with work, as happened from time to time, my Mum and I would be girl's together, or girl stickers! Well, the time has come for Naomi and I to be girl stickers as Sandy has gone off to Paris for a work conference.

We knew when he took the job that a few times a year he would need to go away, but if I'm honest it has come round a little quicker than I would have liked and despite the fact that he would not normally even be home from work yet, we (I) miss him lots already.  It will be a great opportunity for him though, and for the first time ever he is not presenting a paper and so can just concentrate on the work that everyone else has done and on making some contacts.

Naomi and I have lots of things planned over the next few days to keep us (me) occupied and I am sure it will be Thursday before we know it and we'll have Daddy back with us and making the world a better place!

Now, for the photo you are all reading this for!

sporting her shoes from Auntie Fay!

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