Friday 8 April 2011


I had reason to head round to the university library today, and it's a really beautiful day (at least to a Scot who's used to it being a bit fresher at this time of year) so I made the most of it and went for the scenic route. I really appreciate being able to work on a campus that's got a lot of relaxing green :) I hope RGU's riverside campus comes out like this, even if the weather means it won't be as easy to enjoy!

Okay, why do all university libraries have to look odd? Lboro's one is an upturned pyramid (you can see the corner of it in the first picture), RGU's one is a shopping mall and Aberdeen Uni's is a shoebox possibly designed by the creators of Tron.

Anyhow, for coping with my ramblings about my rambling, here's another Naomi picture...

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