Tuesday 5 April 2011

Naomi is progressing

So, we are really beginning to see Naomi progress in lots of things.  She is starting to sit for longer without wanting held constantly and she is taking EVERYTHING in!! She is learning and is doing new things all the time.  We thought we would share a couple of videos (if you don't have sound don't worry, they are definitely for the seeing not the hearing!).

This first one is of her playing with a toy, she is engaging with things around her much more now!

This second one is of her staring intently at her hand, she does this for ages every day, every time she sees it she seems to be surprised it is there, about half way through you'll see her be distracted and then rediscover the joy (and surprise) of having a hand!!

1 comment:

  1. Hands are pretty exciting things, you know. I'm away to spend a couple of minutes staring at mine, as I think it's important to be appreciative of them.