Tuesday 26 April 2011


So the Brownlees are back in Scotland.  This is our first trip back here since Naomi was born, we had hoped to do this when she was about 8 weeks old but with one thing and another we have had to wait till now, though we are only 4 weeks late, she was 12 weeks on Monday.

Naomi hates the car, she is the only baby we know who rather than finding a moving vehicle soothing sees it as a reason to cry, cry and cry some more.  eventually she will fall asleep but not before she has done a lot of crying! Therefore the 8 or so hours of driving (excluding stops) were not really a thought we were relishing.  So we stopped overnight with Sandy's cousin Pamela who lives near Darlington, which is about a third of the way here. Then today we travelled the rest of the way with a stop in Dalkeith allowing my Auntie Anne and Uncle John an opportunity to meet Naomi for the first time.  Naomi did really well with only limited crying (not that it is any easier to cope with when it is happening), I think she exhausted herself as she fell asleep almost as we arrived and then didn't hear from her till the next morning!

We have a busy schedule while we are here, we are really looking forward to catching up with as many of our friends and family as we can manage, although there are so many people we would like to see that I am not sure we will manage to fit absolutely everyone in!

So, till we see you! Though we have some photos of Naomi with some of the people we have seen so far!

Uncle John cuddles Naomi, although she is more interested in the TV!

Naomi continues to watch TV as Auntie Anne has a hug!

And "Auntie" Cat has a hug too!


  1. The little one was never soothed by the car either. In fact we only introduced her to a dummy eventually (and reluctantly) to try and help settle her

  2. We tried the dummy in the car, it didn't help, so we have retained it for night time but don't bother in the car at all. We try and time driving round her needing naps as sometimes she will just nod off!