Wednesday 13 July 2011

"Fun" Game

Naomi has learned to roll - Great!  Well I say roll, she can go from her back to her front but hasn't worked out how to get the other way yet.  This new found learning means several things have changed.

1.  Nappy changes are now hilarious!

2.  I can't leave her anywhere and expect her to be there when I return.

3.  When you put her down on her back she almost automatically flips over but eventually gets tired of being on her tummy, however when you put her on her back again, she just flips over again!

4.  Nights are now a long process of turning over a baby who woke up a little and instead of going back to sleep like she used to remembers she can roll, so does, and then ends up stuck, so cries!

5.  My little girl is growing up, too fast, I'm not ready!

1 comment:

  1. go Naomi!!
    i remember those nights of flipping Duncan back over several times a night. he did learn how to either fall asleep on his tummy or flip back, though. and Ewan was GREAT at flipping over as soon as you put him down for a nappy change. fun times!!