Saturday 2 July 2011

A Fun Day For All

This week Naomi went to play with Nannette, a child minder I know.  She had noticed that being so far from our families that I could probably done with a break and so very kindly offered to take Naomi for a few hours.  This was the first time Naomi had been left with anyone other than Mummy or Daddy while she was awake and I'm happy to admit I was a little nervous.

I needn't have been though, she had a blast!

One of Naomi's EAT foods is fish, but apparently they taste good in plastic too!

While Naomi was having fun without me, I sat at home, drank tea, sewed (for pleasure) and did one or two chores.  I really valued that me-time and am so pleased that Nannette has offered to take her again some time over the summer!

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