Sunday 10 July 2011


As you can read about here Naomi has cut her first two teeth, we didn't think we would be able to get any photos of them for some time, although I was determined as the teeth were getting more and more obvious in real life.  I couldn't (can't) find our "real" camera and so was using my phone which didn't make the task any easier, so I ended up with many photos of Naomi's mouth, some nicer than others...

Eventually though, she was chewing on a toy and I saw my chance, so here, I present you with, the teeth!!

This does mean, though, that we need to start brushing them, for now all this means is putting her toothbrush into her mouth, soon we will start putting a little toothpaste on it, but not quite yet.  Here she is having her first experience of the brush, as you can see, she is a little unsure!

Of course, the benefit of teeth is that you can chew stuff, so here is Naomi in her highchair for the first time chewing on some rice cake and apple

Finally, nothing to do with teeth, here she is holding her feet, just because it is cute!

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