Monday 15 August 2011


Most of my first week of holiday was taken up with Imagine - where several hundred young people from across Scotland (and beyond in some cases) come together for a few days of worship, teaching and generally good fun. It's been going a few years now, and looks a bit like Soul Survivor. It's held at the Thainstone Centre at Inverurie, which is also an operational mart - and the selling of cows and sheep continues in one part of the place even while the festival's happening! It's always a great week, and the testimonies from young people on the last night always reflect that God's been doing a lot in their lives over only a few days.

For the past few years both Jay and I have been helping - Jay on the information team (ie registration and general administration of a lot of stuff), and me on the technical team (PA, lighting, visuals and most things electrical). This has usually involved camping on site too. This year, with a child to look after, things were a bit different. We stayed at Jay's parents instead of camping (not so far from Inverurie), and only I joined the team with Jay and Naomi coming for visits each day, in part to see Daddy, and in part to see all the goings on and meeting numerous friends (Also Jay helped with the DNA stall while numerous friends did a little babysitting). Clearly Naomi loved meeting all the new people, she must be wondering if there's anyone in the world still left to meet!

Here's a few snapshots of the main tech desk, a place that was home for me for 16 hours a day, Tuesday to Saturday. Sorry they're a bit dark; best get someone in lighting on to that...

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