Tuesday 23 August 2011


I'm very proud of this. I have many happy memories of lego and other such constructions materials (and still don't miss an opportunity to build something!) - and thanks to the excellent Loros kids stuff charity shop Naomi now has the next best thing to lego - megablocks. Here she is having a play with some, she seems fascinated by it and I can sit for hours watching her figure it out.

Of course, as she's only nearly-seven-months-old she's not built much (well, anything) yet, and here's some classic baby-like behaviour.

She is pretty clever though. My Uncle Stuart bought her a toy train into which you put plastic animals and it plays a tune. Naomi has figured out that it plays the tune equally well if she just pushes the pad on the bottom of the train! She also looked most pleased with herself after that.

Please also note the abundance of cushions that now adorn our living room. Baby proofing at its mediocre best.

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