Wednesday 31 August 2011


Naomi's been starting to do proper baby-babble for the last few days. Mostly sounds like babababa and mumumumum, and it's all very cute. We've tried recording it several times, but she's very good at spotting the camera and going silent straight away. Last night during bath time I got a successful capture of some of it, plus as a bonus we can see her enjoying her baths once again... (the really talkative bit is about 2/3 the way through)

She also gets bouts of laughter from time to time for no apparent reason. Here, the mere sight of mummy was enough to launch into hysterics that last 5 full minutes...

Finally, we are more than a little disturbed at the fun she gets from one of her new-found toys. She even points it in the right direction! At least the TV stays off quite a bit just now so she doesn't get used to it being always on in the background.

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