Thursday 26 January 2012


In case you hadn't realised, The Child has had a birthday! She is a whole one year old now!  It does feel about 2 minutes ago that she was born so we are struggling to come to terms with this fact, though me a little more than Sandy!

Here are some pictures of Naomi on her big day!
This video shows her playing with one of her favourite gifts, a toy phone from Granny and Grandad (Sandy and I hope this will give our mobile phones a small reprieve, but probably not!)

The Day started in Mummy and Daddy's bed with some milk and then some presents!

Presents kept us occupied while Mummy made breakfast
Naomi seemed to get the idea of presents better than she had at Christmas and with a little help was very good at ripping off the paper.

The presents just kept on coming, she was really getting into the swing of it!

Auntie Liz reads a new favourite story to Naomi

Due to a technical failure we don't have a photo of the moment the cake was presented, but here is the cake before Naomi was shown it.  She loved getting the cake brought to her and tried to blow out the candle.  She then screamed when it was taken away to be sliced!
Look! Stuff!

Playing with her friends on the day

More playing with her Mobile phone toy

This was taken today but is a birthday outfit so I thought we would share!

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