Wednesday 11 January 2012


We've been back in Scotland to celebrate Christmas and new year, along with a few birthdays (mine, and all 3 nieces on the Brownlee side). We've had a great time, and enjoyed catching up with folks where we could. If we didn't make it to you this time - we will try next time we're up! Thanks to all of you for the abundance of toys and other gifts that Naomi was given for Christmas - she is very much enjoying everything.

This is the first time we tried the full journey in one go since Naomi was born. Naturally we were a little concerned at the prospect - when younger she really didn't like the car - and the full trip with necessary stops for feeding and so on amounts to eleven hours or so. As it turns out, it was about as good as it could have been - Naomi slept some of the way, but also had some fun playing with toys in her seat, and looking out of the window. One of the benefits of her now being front-facing is that we can talk to her! Here she is enjoying a stop at some services...

A visit to the park in New Deer with her cousins...

Apparently Granny's asparagus is an excellent hair gel alternative. It does also tast good by the way.

Opening presents, and playing with wrapping paper on Christmas day at Granny and Granddad's in Keig...

Naomi's cousin Holly, with one of the largest deserts I've seen. This was at the Christmas dinner in New Deer.

New Year's Eve (my birthday) has normally involved a ceilidh in New Deer for Hogmanay. Unfortunately it starts about an hour after Naomi's bed time, and both of us were pretty tired anyway! So in the end we had a quiet night in with my parents, seeing in the new year then straight off to bed. I thought I had some pictures of new year but all I can find is this one of Naomi enjoying a good feed on New Year's day.

We're now back in Loughborough again and catching up with things here. January's already flying past and we're fast approaching a certain person's brithday. Hard to believe indeed.

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