Tuesday 7 February 2012


Naomi's really getting the hang of playing with things, and is quite a lot of fun to be around just now. We're both happy that she finds reading a lot of fun, she's good at working the flaps in some of her books now and knows what to expect on some of the pages!

A couple of weeks ago, a shiny toothpaste box formed the ideal extension to her arm...

... which was waved about at such high speed my camera couldn't capture it all that well.

"Look, I put the trousers on my head!" (for those who don't get the reference to one of my all time favourite programmes, here's a link for you)

More trouser-on-head-based fun. She was like this for at least 15 minutes....

and more...

You may remember the drum from some time ago. It's gained in it's fun value. Another interesting thing here is that Naomi can't stand hats or hoods, except when it's inside and the thing on her head is neither of those.

Finally, just a few days ago Naomi got her first doll. She's being very cute with her, offing her drinks from her cup, putting clothes over her as a blanket, and lots of hugs.

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