Wednesday 22 February 2012

Rainy Days

So Naomi and I spend a lot of time out the house, we go to toddler groups and we go to friends' houses.  We go to the park or we just go to the shops.  We love being outside!  But sometimes we end up having a rainy day and have to spend more time than usual indoors!

We still have lots of fun though!

Just after Naomi turned one we bought her her first dolly, she loves this dolly and so indoor time increasingly involves changing baby, feeding baby, reading to baby or just cuddling baby

Dolly is about to be fed, so needs to be safe in the high chair
 Naomi also loves to draw, we bought her crayons for Christmas and sometimes we organise everything so she can have a go

Of course it takes a lot of concentration to draw when you are only little

We've been meaning to share this picture with you for a very long time, it was Naomi's first picture! Ive darkened it a little so you can see the marks better, at the time she was only about 10.5 months old, so I was terribly impressed!

Naomi also likes to read books lots, her favourites are the ones with flaps, although she is also inclined to pull the flaps out! So we tend to do this while being supervised!

And if all else fails Naomi likes to go into the kitchen and pull everything out of the cupboards and use those things as toys!

Why wouldn't you play with a colander?
Of course, when it is really disgusting it is good fun to let you all know how we are getting on too!

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