Saturday 4 August 2012


The first of three posts on our trip to Scotland! The timing of the trip was motivated by both Jay and I helping at this year's Imagine - more on that shortly - but the timing meant that our trip north was only a day after I'd returned from America, and really needed to be all in one day. Needless to say I was still pretty tired, and five hours out of sync with UK time, so Jay kindly did most of the drive back.

The first week we visited Granny and Grandad McIntyre (Jay's parents) - who also put us up for the Imaginary week and did a lot of well appreciated babysitting for us.

In preparation for the trip, we made sure there was plenty to keep Naomi occupied - she's getting more active all the time. This included a borrow of a magnadoodle from the Lyons. Naomi really liked this, and even got stuck into it before leaving, though for some reason she also liked sitting in a box at the same time...

We also took the more conventional paper and pencil, supplemented with some stickers (mostly stars and coloured dots). This kept Naomi busy for a long time, but it's a little concerning just how many shiny stars turned up in her nappy a day or two later.

Somebody liked to go for escape runs along the front of the house. I'll leave it to you to decide who this applies to...

Naomi likes to copy Grandad using a walking stick.

She also quite likes to find computers and have a go on them...

We went for a walk in the countryside surrounding the house. Nearby is the Forbes estate, the grounds of which are open for locals to enjoy. This is where Naomi learned about cows, and the sound they make. She now "moos" and the sight of, or mention of cows. Very impressive.

On one of the evenings, she decided to have a bit of a read in the buff. Jay particularly likes this picture.

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