Wednesday 27 February 2013


I have been dreading this day since almost the day Naomi was born!  She is giving up her nap :-( this is tiring for Mummy and hard work for Naomi as she doesn't really need the nap but doesn't quite have the energy to get through the day without being really naughty!!

Anyway, on the plus side, it now provides us with lots of opportunity for going out in the afternoon where as before we had to come back home for sleep.

Today was a beautiful day so we went to the park

Naomi was so fast at throwing herself down the slide there was barely time to capture the picture

The slide continues to be one of Naomi's favourite toys at the park

There are lots of bridge type things to walk up/along

For once, Naomi was being careful and holding on!
This is the most rubbish roundabout in the world,  but Naomi gave it a quick go

In some exciting news, Miriam tried out the swing for the first time

Looking a little nonplussed!
Both girls enjoyed going on the big swing.  Together!

Perhaps I'll share some more of my afternoon antics with you over the coming weeks...

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