Saturday 11 October 2014


Time for a little catch up again...

We open with a caption competition. What could possibly be up there?

I really like this picture, which you can probably guess immediately followed the one above. I was after a new background for my phone, and this made the cut.

Soon after, Naomi went on a picture taking exercise again...

"No pictures"

"Well, okay then"

"Look over there, a squirrel! Really!"

Some time after those pictures, we got a similar look of amazement from the girls during dinner. I turned around to see a hot air balloon - and quite an impressive one coming surprisingly close to the house.

It landed in a field a few minutes' walk away.

Breakfast. I like the improvised seats.

Every night now bedtime partly consists of the girls taking a few minutes to read themselves. We find this scene cute every time.

...and now some non-child randomness...
This plant live in our bathroom. I moved it there this time last year to get more sunlight than it was getting in our en-suite, because it looked like it was struggling. Soon after, it seemed to have died completely. I watered the bare earth in the pot for a while in case it came back, but probably stopped doing so around January. As a testament to our cleaning-motivation, the empty pot has sat there ever since, bone dry. Imagine our surprise then, when the plant sprung back to life in July, and has now grown to this! I've started watering it again, albeit very sparingly given that it seems to be happy without it. The lesson - don't tidy up dead plants!

To close - a nice Venn diagram that some may find amusing. If you can think of a good joke to fit in the middle I'd like to hear it!

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