Tuesday 21 October 2014


A quick post of geeky mundanity. The university has had a new wifi network installed. In a seemingly awesome plan, new access points were installed throughout the building to best distribute the signal, but on top of that, all the access points from the old network were also replaced. This means that in many places, we have two access points within a metre or two of each other. I can look out may office doors and see about eight of the things. I can feel the room temperature rising with all those microwaves bouncing around! I shouldn't mock too much though, it does mean that emails appear on my phone super-quickly now.

The geeks among you will quite like this - it's all the wifi signals my phone picked up while I was in our common room making some tea. Awesome.

Note: the notifications in the top left don't mean I'm popular, just lazy when it comes to checking them.

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