Sunday 10 May 2015


My position at the university is currently funded by the DAASE project, and we recently had a 2 day meeting of all the researchers on the project. It's the biggest project I've been involved in, so there were a lot of people to get together! This time was met at on of the other partners, the University of Birmingham. I've been to that campus once before - it's pretty nice (no mountains though) - and the meeting itself was interesting enough. It was mostly a catch-up on what the various universities are working on, and what things we might jointly do over the next year or two. There are several new things that I might be working on as a result. (some very neat stuff to do with automatically improving software so it runs more efficiently).

The only other highlight was that the journey down was "interesting" enough that the train company issued compensation to all the passengers. There was a delay of nearly two hours, followed by some brilliant lack-of-information. Fun!

I was accommodated in a former house on campus that's now essentially a hotel. This is the view from my window - very green for Birmingham!

Part of the campus. Apparently that's the biggest free standing clock tower in the world, all because the universities founder insisted that all universities must have a clock tower.

The clock tower, close-up. In fairness, it is pretty big. That's a two storey building behind it.

Some more nice campus...

...and my overnight accommodation.

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