Thursday 14 May 2015


I thought I would do a blog post about the mundane. The regular goings on in the Brownlee household. It's  not as exciting as holiday posts or traveling posts but it is the reality of our every day.

Every morning Naomi is off to nursery and now on a Monday and Thursday Miriam joins her.  Both girls love nursery and having opportunity to do things I wouldn't probably do at home and certainly not with so many friends.

Aside from that mornings are made up from toddler groups, toddler gymnastics, a Bible study for me and an occasional cup of tea!

In the afternoons we get up to all sorts if things so here are some photos of our goings on...

 Having a picnic for dollies...

Just relaxing

Occasionally going places, this is from a big outdoor play area where Naomi was pretending to be a "girl farmer"

and Miriam did bouncing

One of Naomi's friends has recently had her tonsils removed so we made a get well card

snuggles feature heavily in our afternoons

I didn't get any good pictures of this but here are the girls planting sunflower seeds with Daddy

Miriam is playing with our happy land things one rare morning we just stayed at home

I've recently added an outdoor abacus to our garden

occasionally I try and do something for myself, here is Miriam trying to make some weights so she can join in my exercise DVD!

Naomi enjoys colouring (so does Miriam, not pictured below)

This is a screenshot from a game the girls like to play on my phone

Sometimes we go to our friends' houses to play

craft is popular

And also painting

We like to keep it real, though, so this features a bit too often too!

I asked her to wear clothes!

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