Saturday 31 October 2015


A couple of weeks ago I took the day off work so I could do childcare and Jay could have the day off, from morning school run right into the evening. Yes, I know, I'm just that awesome*. Despite the humorous graphics, it turned out to not involved any slapstick Eddie-Murphy style fun at all - yet it was still a most enjoyable time with my three girls.

 A trip to the park in the afternoon. Peekaboo Lydia!

Swings were the highlight of the day

Or maybe a bath was!
Here's Lydia looking very much like her mummy.

Lego and trains combined! Of course, now Miriam always wants to play both together - "can I have two?"

Now, let's capture some of the essence of Jay's day...

*yet apparently lacking possession of a modicum of self-awareness regarding humbleness today.

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