Saturday 17 October 2015


Or York as it's been known more recently. Another trip for work purposes, this one was a meeting catching up with other people working on the same project. Lots of interesting stuff, very tiring, and Naomi in particular really missed me this time :(  These trips are getting harder...

One positive of the trip though - a really nice hotel room!
The Monkbar Hotel in case you're wondering.

"Oh yeah, the know about proper tea in Yorkshire."
(yes, all proper tea is theft. so be it.)

I enjoyed that this hotel was one of those Fawlty Towers jobs where they have stuck together various buildings so there are hundreds of stairs and corridors to go anywhere. Many of the 2/3 step bits are missed out of the plan too.

View out of my room window 1: "Take your Bile Beans"

Those who know me well will appreciate how much I enjoyed the Monkgate sign, viewed from the Monkbar.
Those who don't, see this for the gist.

View out of my room window 2: "York in your face!"
I also hopes to get a picture of the "Welcome to YORK" sign in the style of a bitten-off Yorkie bar from the train, but it turns out that disappeared years ago. Dang.

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