Friday 2 October 2015


Finally in this round of catch-up, a few days with all the grandparents during the summer. We also managed to get a visit with my brother, and Jay's sister and niece who were up visiting.

First time on a slide!


My perspective!

Miriam still loves her Cat. It's important that he gets to play too.


Potty training for Miriam has been an experience like no other. The was a period that coincided with our holiday where we would sit with her on the potty for the best part of an hour while she tried. Here, she has actually fallen asleep.

Naomi has now acquired the life skill of self-swinging. She did this a lot at Grandma's house.

I just really like this one, and the next...

Golf at the Broch. Well, a long walk with some clubs anyway. Sometimes I hit the ball too.

Miriam takes lining things up to the next level.

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