Sunday 18 October 2015


Last weekend one of the PhD students in our department was getting married, and Jay and I were invited to the evening bash. In order to do this we needed a babysitter willing to also put three little girls to bed (the dance was in Blantyre) - so we made this a reason for a visit from my parents. Naturally this was highly exciting, and the girls had a really good time.

There is actually a picture on that paper.

Grandma -> chocolate

Yes, a visit to soft play sponsored by Grandma and Granddad. Guaranteed fun.
Husband and Wife in date photograph joy.

In other news, Miriam recently decided that the lack of a Xylophone (or indeed any other instruments from the tail end of the alphabet) in our house was no longer tolerable.

Finally, some bits of creativity. First - two of Naomi's recent pictures:

A mug.
It isn't actually Grandma's birthday any time soon - but let's make a card anyway.

"I made a tower!"

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