Sunday 14 February 2016


A wee catch up on Naomi's birthday. For this, we had a party with her friends on the Saturday (with lots of craft - I ended up in the bathroom for most of the time cleaning party dresses and drying out painted party bags), and a family celebration on the Sunday (her actual birthday).

Before we start, I thought I'd include this card that Naomi made me for my birthday. This one made me smile!

Naomi's birthday cake

A slight rearrangement of furniture in progress so we could accommodate many children

A safe hiding place.

Pinning a tail on any creature is sore, so we pinned bows on a dress instead.

A royalty-free rendition of a popular celebration song.

On to the actual birthday...
A very grown up looking girl!

Grandma brought a small present for Miriam and Lydia too

Our present for Naomi was a new bike - which she loves. We just need some more clement weather now!

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