Tuesday 6 September 2011


A few days ago we had a great day for Naomi, she had her first ever trip to a restaurant (well technically she has been before, but slept through one experience and played on the floor for the other).  My parents were staying and we wanted to go for lunch to celebrate Naomi as it is unlikely they will be able to join us for Naomi's dedication in November.  I'll be honest though, I was nervous.  Would she be good? Would she eat? And more to the point, would she scream?!

She was, however, a trooper.  We borrowed a special booster seat for her as the restaurant (carefully chosen for its being right round the corner from the house) didn't have any high chairs and she sat right up at the table between Mummy and Daddy.  She loved it and she sat patiently waiting for the food to arrive (with a little help from a few breadsticks and sultanas!)

choosing what she will eat, perhaps she will just eat the menu!

She ate all her food (stolen from the plates of all the grown ups) with not even a hint of a fuss and then even waited patiently for our puddings to arrive, she had a little Grandad's custard and one of Mummy's strawberries.

I assume I am trying to lay down the rules here, from the look on my face!

I couldn't have been prouder as people leaving noticed her and told me they hadn't even realised there was a baby in the restaurant.  In total she sat at the table for 50 minutes and I was incredibly grateful she was so good natured and that she took it all in her stride.  We'll need to think of another reason to go to a restaurant now!

Today was a sad day as we had to say goodbye to Granny and Grandad, we probably won't see them again until Christmas time but it was lovely to haev them visit us here in Loughborough

Naomi loves her Granny and Grandad

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