Friday 17 August 2012


Still doing a bit of catching up after a backlog of blogging over the holidays...

The Sunday after we arrived back in Loughborough we were on the road again, down to London where my sister Heather lives with her husband Theo and their children. They've recently become part of Chingford United Reformed Church, and having been very much welcomed into the church they decided to have the children baptised.

This gave Naomi a chance to have a play with her cousins (they get on really well), as well as getting to charm a lot of new people. I also saw my other sister Allison, and parents and brother again as they'd come down too (and stayed for a holiday and some Olympic action afterwards).

Naomi kept herself busy by carrying her lunch bag all round the church building. (this was also a chance for her to show off her kilt again!)

fun doing a bit of chasing...

After the baptism we returned to Theo's parents. Being Greek, they put on a really good party! Lots of good food and a lot of good chat. Here's the celebratory cake (very good) and favours.

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