Thursday 10 January 2013


A catch-up on happenings at Christmas... this year we tried to keep travel to a minimum as Miriam is still pretty small (though it turns out she's much better with the car than Naomi was!) We spent a week with my parents, a week with Jay's parents, and had an overnight stop-off on the way up (with the Donalds in Edinburgh, formerly of New Deer) and on the way back down (with the Baines in Cockermouth, formerly of Loughborough). Naomi really got what was going on this year - I think that Christmas possibly went a bit over Miriam's head!

Naomi on the now traditional stop off at Peggy Scott's establishment of fine foods

Naomi making use of her Uncle Ian's large supply of Lego with her cousins
On Christmas morning, we'd tried to avoid too much of a build up lest Naomi became over-excited. So she came through at about 8am (having slept in my parents' room), and we explained that Jesus was God's present to us, and we remember that by giving each other presents. On the word "presents", she lit up, and was most excited to start tearing off paper!

Chaos ensues during the Brownlee present opening session

More chaos!

Obligatory toothbrush

One of my cousins in particular is a bit adverse to photos - so stealth is really the way forward

Christmas II at Granny and Granddad's (McIntyres) -  still no less exciting!

A rather disappointing dusting of snow this year :-(

We did, though, get the chance to see some highland cows.

I just like this picture! Miriam chilling out on what was later to be Naomi's bed for the night.

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