Monday 28 January 2013

You know you're a Mum of two when...

Just for fun I thought I'd think about all the things that mean I know I'm a Mum of two...

  1. Going to the toilet is now a spectator sport, you consider it luxury if you only have to take one of the children with you.
  2. A hobby is a thing you used to do
  3. You can't remember the last time you didn't have the washing machine running
  4. Sleep is a distant memory and a beautiful dream (not that you are ever asleep to have dreams)
  5. Your house is tidy for approximately two hours each evening, after the children have gone to bed
  6. You can (and regularly do) bounce a baby, read to a toddler, speak on the 'phone and drink a cup of tea
  7. Going to Tesco is an 'activity', if not there are not enough hours in the day
  8. Going to Tesco on your own is almost better than a night out, on the occasions it happens you take time to read every single label whether you need to or not
  9. It is a regular occurrence to make it to midday before someone points out your jumper is on back to front
  10. On being asked your name or date of birth you look blankly at the person asking as you take a minute to access the memory banks
  11. On being asked your child's name or date of birth you take a moment to remember which child is which before giving your answer.
  12. You are in town and suddenly panic that you have come with no snacks or drinks when you realise you only have the baby with you and the baby isn't weaned.
  13. Your automatic response to any kind of stressful situation is to start singing 'sleeping bunnies' as you know the toddler will automatically lie down, be still and be quiet for 10 seconds!
  14. You can't imagine loving your children any more than you do
  15. You wouldn't change anything about your life as it's a blessing to have your children each and every day.


  1. Love, love, love this post! LOL to several of the points. Favourites were 8 and 13 (though 13 doesn't work in this house)

  2. Hehe oh my....I only have one and most of these apply to me too. I remember going to the supermarket for the first time by myself after z was born and I was so happy. It was an amazing trip! :)