Sunday 20 January 2013


Naomi has been struggling this week.  Apparently "snow" is a hard word to say, so instead she has been going for "nose" and even pointed at her nose when I asked her if she'd enjoyed playing in the snow.

By English standards, there was quite a lot of snow
 This has been the first time Naomi has seen significant snow since she has been old enough to enjoy it and enjoy it she definitely has been.  Yesterday Sandy took her out into our yard for a play, she was particularly keen on the idea of a snowball fight and took great delight in throwing snow at Daddy.  It was great fun to watch her and listen to her laugh (Miriam and I were keeping warm inside).

rolling the snow

shaping the snow

Before you know it you have made your first ever snow man!

Miriam and I watched from indoors

Snowball fight!
And in a final piece of shocking news, we discovered after this that Naomi does not like hot chocolate!!

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