Tuesday 29 January 2013

Naomi turned two

Last week my baby turned two! Two!!

Our lucky little girl had many presents to open
And she enjoyed every moment
We paused briefly to try on our new hat

Dolly joined us for a birthday breakfast

Lots of friends mean that Naomi got lots of cards!

Now that we are two we like to throw impressive tantrums if we don't get our own way (I told her she had to wait five minutes before she went to our friends' house!)

See-sawing in her new birthday dress
A few days after her birthday we had a very small party for her, just a few of her friends round to play.

Mummy went a bit mad making cakes (there was also a banana loaf)

Waiting for her friends to arrive

Sorry for the blurriness but here is Naomi blowing out her candles
My baby is growing up :)

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