Friday 18 January 2013


Woo hoo! It's snowing in Loughborough! I really like a good bit of snow in the winter, and was feeling quite pessimistic about the chances of seeing any this year, after there being none in Scotland at Christmas. However, my decision to cycle to work today may have been in error - it's getting quite snowy indeed:

Can you guess where the hot water pipe to our building runs?
I had a quite walk in the snow today as well, to meddle with the experiment machines. There's a slightly long story to it, but we used to have a room in the lab building (visible in the picture above) where all my experiment computers were kept. This has now been reclaimed as an office, so we've had them all relocated into the corner of the lab building. I think the new setup looks quite impressive:

My "toys" hard at work
The old room was a fairly standard sized office, and it used to reach about 40 deg. C because I was giving these machines such a workout! The new room is huge so this shouldn't happen in future. Well, it better hadn't, as much of the rest of the room is taken up with what's essentially a giant box used to simulate different room environments (temperature, humidity and so on). I'm guessing it won't take too kindly to being too hot...


  1. Would it not have been better to put the pc rack in front of the plug sockets so that it isn't so inviting for someone to meddle and turn them off? I can just imagine the cleaner unplugging one to power their vac! :-D

  2. You'd think that wouldn't you? The room isn't even locked :(

    Still, on the plus side we have a UPS that'll last all of ten minutes with the machines running full pelt.