Friday 12 November 2010

My wonderful day in London

Yesterday I went to London for the day and I had a truly wonderful time, I thought some people would like it if I shared about it (I promise in time I will have a baby and posts will become about that and not about the more boring parents of said baby!!)

The reason for the trip to London will become apparent later in the post but I decided while I was there to try and catch up with some friends from DNA so the first thing I did when I arrived at St Pancras (which Sandy will be pleased to know I agree is an incredibly pretty railway station) was to transfer to Victoria so I could get a train to Bromley South. This is the train station I used when I went to all my DNA 2 day block training sessions last year so I was having many happy memories but the purpose of this trip was to meet Pip who I met through DNA last year and happens to also be having a baby around the same time I am. It was bizarre to go and explore bits of Bromley that weren't the railway station or the Church centre we used last year but I had a lovely baked potato (more DNA memories) for lunch and then we wandered round the shops for a bit, looking at lovely clothes for small people and comparing bumps and aches and pains!! Pip I love you! I loved meeting up with you - till the next time!!

I went back into central London and made my way round to Hammersmith for the main reason for my trip. A magazine called Pregnancy and Birth are doing a feature over several months where they do a photo shoot and interview with a pregnant lady and then follow them up about 6 weeks after the birth to see how everything went. I found out about it through someone I follow on twitter and thought it would be fun to go and get my hair and make-up done and have someone style me up for the day - and it was!! It is likely to be much later next year before the magazine do my feature (maybe as late as August) but I will keep you all informed as to when it is coming out so you can all see how beautiful I am!!

After the photo shoot it turned out that the photographer lived just a few minutes away from the next friend I had on my list! I was the alst person they were shooting for the day so they gave me a lift. It meant I didn't need to change tube 3 times to get to Laura's house which was much appreciated although central London's traffic at 6pm is quite terrifying to even be driven through, I can't imagine I will ever be brave enough to actually drive it myself!!

That said, I made it to Laura's a little late but in one piece and she fed me a wodnerful tea of fish, rice and veg, all very Jay-friendly and all very yummy!! As we ate we chatted about life the universe and everything and it made me very happy to catch up with such a good friend. DNA meant that although I have only known these people a year we know each other very well indeed (Laura and I were in the same small group) and having been that close for a year you can't just stop being close when it all ends. One of the things I am very grateful about this move for, is (and I say it again) catching up with friends like this is realistic now in a way it just wasn't before!

I got the train home last night and having done all that I was exhausted when my train pulled into Loughborough at almost midnight and today I am still very tired indeed, but it was totally worth it for the pampering and the time with good friends.

Today, Sandy and I are both going to London!! We are driving to North London to see Heather, Sandy's sister and all the family, will be fun although I might try and plan these things better in the future, London is close but it is not next door!!

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