Tuesday 9 November 2010

Positive Changes

We are back to the ramblings of Jay for today, read on to see what she is thinking about....

It strikes me that for the last week or so whenever I have been thinking about the differences between my life in Aberdeen and my new, or rather developing, life here in Loughborough, it has been really easy for me to focus on the good things about Aberdeen and the bad things about Loughborough. I have, therefore, decided to put together a top 10 list of positive things to come out of moving down here and thought I might as well share them with the wider blogsphere!!

So here goes (in no particular order):

1. We are within walking distance of almost anything we could want to be, we are certainly very close to lots of things. I really dislike driving so this is very good for me in particular!!

2. We have a huge bathroom with a lovely bath which is great for relaxing in after a hard day of emptying boxes (or reading research papers for that matter!)

3. We have new options available to us in terms of childbirth, as well as the hospital or home options back home we also have the option of "birthing centres" which mean that as long as baby and Mum keep doing well there are far less chances of anything medical going on but still with the support of midwives round about us and the water birth that I am really wanting is a very serious option now rather than the dream it was before!!

4. There are loads of new people to meet! I love people and I love making friends, so even though I miss all my old ones lots and plan to visit as often as possible, there is so much scope for meeting new people and ministering to new people I would never have met otherwise.

5. One of the churches here has a house where 12 people, including children, are living in deliberate community with each other; I find this hugely exciting and the honour of being able to potentially get up close and personal to this way of living is not lost on me

6. Sandy and I are getting to spend way more time together since moving, neither of us are leading the hectic busy schedules we were before and this is great from the point of view of seeing each other (and so far it hasn't caused any major arguments).

7. Connected to point 6 but separate is that Sandy's new job is flexible enough in it's working (both in terms of hours and being able to work from home occasionally) that rather than be nervous about how I would be able to look after the baby I am really excited for our family to extend in this environment :-)

8. Things (and by this I mean almost anything) are much more accessible here, I am going to London on Thursday and all this means is a couple of hours on the train and it will cost about £20-£30 even booked last minute rather than the plane or ridiculous train or bus journey before. While I am there I will be able to catch up with friends who I wouldn't have expected to see for a very long time if we had stayed in Aberdeen. We have cities all around us, it is hard to think of much we need that isn't close at hand.

9. The market! Loughborough has a market two times a week every week, I'll be able to buy fresh fruit and veg and all sorts of other things, this makes me very happy indeed, in my mind I have lovely walks with the baby planned (when the time comes!)

10. This one comes last but by no means least, this is one of the things I am most excited about. Sandy and I have been completely thrown if not catapulted outside of our comfort zone and now that we are here we find God! We are relying on Him with renewed strength and vigour and are trusting Him for everything. We know that God is faithful and we know He has never forgotten us, but it is very good indeed to have a practical reminder!

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