Tuesday 2 November 2010

We have arrived!

Sorry it has taken so long to get to this, I know lots of you have been asking how we are getting on but the absence of "proper" internet access and the presence of a LOT of boxes are making it hard. I will at least try and answer the most commonly asked questions here, I am appreciating all your texts, calls and emails but figure it is easier just to write it once and direct anyone here!!

So, the Brownlees have landed in Loughborough, I am finally able to spell it but only if I write it down, I am nowhere near able to spell it out loud yet! We got here on Sunday night about 8.30pm after a relatively uneventful drive, apart from some slow traffic kind of near Manchester it was all plain sailing.

On Monday we had a day to just "veg" out and explore the area so we worked out how to get Sandy to work, we had a quick look at what shops were available and went to the supermarket for a few bits and bobs, oh and we registered with a GP. I know you are all now thinking we live a very exciting life, but we were limited in our choice of activities by lack of possessions and energy!!

Loughborough is very pretty, especially along at the university there is lots of green and it doesn't feel too much like we are in a town at all. The road we are living on is a busy one, so we are having to get used to the road noise (whoever thought that we would end up somewhere mroe busy than our North Anderson Drive address!!) but all in all it is a lovely area and we are starting to work our way around it and discover what is what.

Yesterday was all go, Sandy had his first day at work. It seemed to go okay, although there wasn't much work to be done because he had to get through all the red tape that Human Resources (or Human Remains as Sandy likes to joke) demanded, he couldn't even log onto any computer till later in the day due to a combination of having no log in details and not being able to get his desk yet as the person who assigns them wasn't available (or something like that!!). The department seems good and the people he are working for seem lovely, the paternity leave issue has already been sorted (int hat he can have some) and everyone seems quite relaxed about working hours and even working from home, so long as the work gets done, it seems like a perfect environment to be having a baby in :-) Today Sandy is having a meeting with his new professor and someone else who is working on the project, so he should have a better idea of the project after that, although he is very excited that there seems to be some scope in the budget for going to conferences (one of Sandy's favourite bits of working in acedemia.)

Yesterday wasn't only busy for Sandy though, I had to oversee the delivery of all our boxes and furniture. It only took a couple of hours to get it all in the house but I can tell it is going to take days to sort it all out! So far only a couple of things have been found broken and they weren't important in the slightest, although in a slight piece of irony I broke the glass on a picture trying to hang it on the wall!!

Today I am concentrating on the bedroom (yesterday was all about the kitchen, those who know me even a little bti will know that this was by far the most important room!) and I was sorting out the stuff that came from our bedside tables back home. I thought if I shared the cotnents of mine and Sandy's it would give an interesting and humourous insight into the differences between us.

My one has:
A spare pair of PJs
A hot water bottle
Some body lotion
Strech mark oil (thanks Maria!)
A clock
A cross stich I am working through
some books on self harm/eating disorders/depression/abuse (I should point out these are for providing guidance to others, I get asked to quite often!!)
A couple of reports from healthcare organisations on the above topics
A copy of "Sophie's Choice" (which I will one day finish and give back to Liz)

Anyway, Sandy's contains:
Two Mechano sets
Some playdough (for making stop motion videos)
A magnifying glass designed for looking at bugs
A spare alarm clock
A Boy's brigade mug
Some electronics catalogues!

I am going to sign off for today, I have more boxes to unload and washing to do! Bu thanks for reading. We hope we will have "proper" internet by next Tuesday, I will upload some pictures and the likes for you all then



  1. Glad you've arrived lovely! Now settle in and wait for that lovely baby :))

  2. Well done! We are amazed at how cool you sound in the midst of all your chaos. it took us weeks last time we moved! Delighted Sandy's found a comfortable niche...
    Charles & Bren