Saturday 13 November 2010

photos of the house

There will be more to follow, but I thought people might like to start seeing some pictures of the house, so here goes

Here is our dining room

And the kitchen

This will eventually be the baby's room (it is currently full of boxes!)

These are the stairs upstairs (obviously) they come out of the kitchen and we are told by the removal men this is the smallest door they have ever had to contend with!!

This is our bedroom before we put anything in it

This is the removal van as it parked to unload all our stuff, it was there for about 3 hours in total, on yellow lines the whole while: how do they get away with it?

During the unpacking we found this lovely note hidden under the flaps on one of the boxes Sandy's Mum packed for us :-)

these last two are of the living room now it has our furniture in it

The house is still a bit of a work in progress, although it is "getting there" - the next plan is to get our bedroom sorted before tackling the baby's room - we figure in many ways it is less vital as the baby will be in with us for the first wee while anyway, but it would be nice to think it was even a room we could walk into!!

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  1. You have beautiful home. Sorry for not reply sooner. I miss you. Been working 5 days a week & spending a lot time with girls. I love your house.