Thursday 25 November 2010

We're getting there

The house is getting slowly but surely more ready for the arrival of the little one, in the last few days I have been concentrating on the baby's room through an irrational fear that the baby would need to live in a Shore Porter's box! Thought we would share some photos with you

If all else fails the baby can sleep in this beautiful moses basket (which was gifted to us by the Gregorys) for the first wee while, it is already set up in our bedroom ready for the baby to arrive!

We thought though, that it would probably be best to get a cot for the baby, this was very kindly bought for us by Edna and Alasdair (Sandy's Mum and Dad, for those who don't know). Sandy was very excited to build it (I think more to do with the building something than it necessarily being because it was a cot). You can see him busy at work here!)

You'll notice Sandy is very proud of his workmanship!

Here it is in all its glory!

And once Jay got to put some "things" in it! All this bedding is from Karen and we are very grateful for it, much of it can't be used when the baby is newborn but I really couldn't bare to leave the cot empty!!

There will be more photos of the room soon, but it is still a bit of a box dumping ground so it is hard to photograph anything other than boxes!!

In other news, we will be back in Aberdeen in less than 4 weeks, looking forward to catching up with as many folks as possible!


  1. Oh my! It's getting close to the date. Beautiful basket. Way to go, Sandy! Mike had trouble putting crib together one time LOL

  2. How exciting! There'll be a little baby in that basket before you know it :) xx