Friday 21 January 2011

7 things about me

So, this one is nothing to do with the baby and not even anything to do with Loughborough, I have been tagged in a Meme (for those who don't know, read on you'll get the idea) where I am to reveal 7 secrets about myself.  I am supposed to then tag another 15 people, but to be honest most of the bloggers I know have already done it, so I might give that bit a miss and would be struggling for 7 secrets and so instead will go for little known facts.

1.  When I was at school I played rugby for Grampian and I loved it, I was a tight-head prop and was pretty good at it (although any time I tried to play loose-head I collapsed the scrum!)

2.  My favourite way to de-stress is to play the piano (loudly), it is just a shame I don't have one in my house and haven't for years :-(

3.  If I had gone straight to uni from school as was the original plan I would have studied aeronautical engineering, I still love all the sciencey/maths type stuff

4.  I love to play chess, sometimes Sandy and I play chess on our date-nights

5.  I really want a tattoo, I know what and where but will probably never get it!

6.  Nothing makes me happier than cooking a meal for friends or actually even better, new friends

7.  Public speaking makes me incredibly nervous but I get a real kick out of it, I loved doing all the stuff for the SPDN when I still lived in Scotland, I hope I find somewhere to do similar things now we have moved.

So, there you are

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  1. jay, i'm actually wanting (hoping, more like) to find a local rugby club somewhere here, wherever i wind up... i'd love to learn to play. so i'll be coming to you for advice. =D