Friday 21 January 2011

What flavour, when and how much? recap!

The following were all the entries we had to the competition (prize has now been confirmed as the joy of winning!).  Sheena was wrong on the date but two people have guessed today (I like the way these people think!) There seems to be a slight biased towards it being a girl but we will hopefully be finding out sooner rather than later

Sheena Lawson: Jan 19th, 7lbs 1oz, Girl

Liz Lynch: January 21st, 7lb 3oz (without Bertie Bassett hat, a few oz more with the hat on) Girl

Corrie Duncan: Jan 21st, 7lb 12oz, Girl

Sarah Langelaan: Jan 23rd, 6,5 lbs, Girl

Ashley Brownlee: Jan 25th, 6lb 7oz, Boy

Gordon McIntyre: Jan 25th, 6lb 6oz, Girl

Ian Brownlee: Jan 26th, 9lb 3oz, Girl

Tom Bell: Jan 28th, 7lb 7oz, Boy

Chris Martin: Jan 29th (around 3pm), 7lbs 11oz, Boy

Allison Brownlee: Jan 29th, 7lbs 2oz, Girl

Krista French: Jan 30th, 9lb 3oz, Boy

Sue Hooper: Feb 1st, 7lb 10oz, Boy

Trina McGarry: Feb 3rd, 7lb 13oz, Girl

Emma Drane: Feb 6th, 7lb 11oz, Boy

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