Tuesday 11 January 2011

What flavour, when and how much?

So, just for fun and for no other reason to provide me with some entertainment I have decided to have a little competition!

So, leave a comment and tell me

1. What flavour you think the baby will be (although comedy answers will provide much entertainment, for the purposes of winning you need to tell me your boy/girl predictions!)

2. What you think the birth date will be (due date is Jan 26th, if you are not sure)

3. How much you think the baby will weigh in lb and oz

Good Luck!


  1. 1. i really think it'll be a girl flavour!
    2. birthday is 3 Feb (sorry Jay)
    3. she'll weigh in at 7lbs 13oz

    What did I win?!?!??!

  2. we need to wait and see if you are right first!!

  3. I'm thinking a boy flavour
    7lb 10oz
    birthday hmmm *counts on fingers* 1st February :)

  4. Although if baby is a girl that'll make me you and Mel with girls and that'll be fab. Poss why I'm thinking boy, alot of girls already...not that that makes much sense!

  5. i'm going to say it's a boy, and he'll be born Jan. 30th because he'd like to share a birthday with me. and since the 30th is a bit past his due date... i'll say weight will be about 9 lbs 3 oz.