Wednesday 12 January 2011

baby moving

I have tried a few times to get a video of my tummy moving all over the place as baby does, unfortunately Allsort seems to be camera shy as every time I get the camera out (s)he stops moving altogether! (We had the opposite problem at our 20 week scan when we needed him/her to be still, I suspect (s)he is just taking after his/her mother by being difficult!)

Anyway, last night I got some movements on "film", the movements are often much more impressive than this, and please take into account that I had to keep breathing so some of the movement is just me drawing breath! This, however, is the only view I have had of my belly for weeks now - enjoy!


  1. that's pretty cool that you caught it on tape! something about that video looked sort of familiar to me... hehe.

  2. Can't think what that might be Trina!