Friday 25 February 2011


As you may have gathered from one of the pictures below, Naomi had her first visit from relatives last week, as her Grandma and Grandad and Uncle Ian (my parents and brother) came for a visit. It was a bit of a squeeze in the house but it was a pretty good week and they all enjoyed meeting the new member of our family.

I also thought you might like this picture. Naomi is growing fast and it certainly feels like she's starting to develop a personality. When she's not sleeping or crying, this is the look she goes for - a kind of understated amazement at the world. Quite pleasing to watch her take it all it :)

Finally, last night I was at our church cell group. We've said before how the group's getting on really well together and how God's already working through it. Jay and I are taking it in turns for the next little while so Naomi has someone to look after her. Last night we were exploring what the Bible has to say about anger, a follow on from a fairly deep discussion that we'd had a couple of weeks ago. In particular we were looking at the different kinds of anger, in particular what the Bible says about the difference between righteous and sinful anger and how righteous anger is rooted in God's love for all of us. Deep stuff! I have to say I'm really appreciating the chance to delve into God's word in a bit more detail in the context of discussion with what others think about it. Last night I learnt a lot and it's been one of the most worthwhile explorations of Scripture I've done for a long time - well done to the rest of the group :)

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