Tuesday 8 February 2011


I've maintained radio silence for long enough, so here's a brief update from me.

As of yesterday I'm back at work, at least in the physical sense as I was doing some at home last week. As Jay said I found it a bit odd yesterday, back at my desk. Diving back into the world of reading, writing and coding, I was back in to things pretty quickly. This is good as there's a lot going on and plenty more to do - not that I'd complain about that as it's all good stuff - however it was really strange to be where I was two weeks ago knowing that there's been a huge change in the mean time. I've got a picture of Naomi on my desk now and I feel a bit funny every time I see it.

Maybe it's because I've had plenty of time to get used to the idea - obviously about nine months or so, but also the planning before that - but the oddest thing has been how easily we've both adapted. It's hard to think what it was like before Naomi arrived. Other than I remember not being quite as tired as I am just now! There are some difficult bits but it's also pretty good how they don't really matter when you've got a beautiful little girl to look after.

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